Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Vital Mission of Crowdfunding

Our Vital Mission

Crowdfunding has captured the imagination of entrepreneurs and investors alike and they find themselves swept up in what I call “crowd fever,” not unlike gold fever.

In the midst of all the excitement and confusion, kindly sit back and focus with me on what crowdfunding can actually mean to us.

Let me give you what we know. First, entrepreneurs need fast and cheap seed funding to develop their world changing ideas.

Investors are driven wild by the insane returns on investment from modern successes like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, PayPal and many more.

As we look at this now, you will see that what investors want is a forum that will allow them to raise money fast, with minimal outlay up front, and that will give them a chance to find out just how excited people are about their ideas.

This serves our new era where ideas are less capital is needed for a given startup, where ideas can be tested rapidly, and where creativity can achieve its full potential.

However, the entrepreneur must meet new standards posed by the securities laws on Crowdfunding. This is why we are here to help you.

For investors, more confusion can swamp you. While we call want to be in early the next Facebook, to find it we must search out many, many new ventures that require evaluation with an expertise most have not yet mastered. This is why we are here for you now.

For the entrepreneur, we offer you several unique resources. We show all the ways to find funding, we give you an easy to use guide to complying with the securities regulations, and we allow you affordable access to our own pool of eager financial backers.

For the investor, we offer you access to the proprietary experience and methods that we have discovered in our years of experience.

In all of this, our goal is to help you achieve what is necessary for you to compete for funds and to survive and prosper. For companies, adequate funds are essential to survival. For investors, finding opportunities that are lucrative is just as essential to investor survival.

Thus, we all instinctively know that we have to compete for funds and for opportunities. In fact, if you lose this competition as a company, you will eventually cease to operate. If you lose the competition for the right deal, you lose money and if you lose enough money, you also will not survive. As with any other life or death competition, competition can be rough both for the companies and for the investors.

We are hopeful that crowdfunding will open up the market for venture funding to all.